Organic Henna temporary tattoos

Henna Blossom offers Henna Tattoo services in Madison, WI area (100 miles). Henna blossom was formed in 2012 to offer services for various events. Henna is a traditional temporary body art lasting about 1-2 weeks. Henna patterns are intricate and free hand designs. Henna artist do not work with needles. Henna is organic paste created using henna dried leaves. Henna patterns mostly done on palms,back of hand and on feet. Anyone age 3 and above can enjoy henna patterns.  This is the one stop for henna Tattoo,Henna Bridal service, Henna events, and offers customized designs as well as standard designs. party

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List of the Occasions:

Bridal Shower
Birthday Parties
Baby shower
Community Event
Henna Night 
Sangeet Parties
Corporate Event
Eid, Diwali, Karwa Chauth 


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Henna blossom was formed in the year 2012 to offer services in and around Madison, Wisconsin area ( within 100 miles). This is the one stop for henna and offers customized designs as well as standard designs. temporary tattoos


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I belong from a very artistic family. I believe in keeping career and passion as two different ways to enjoy. I am passionate about all forms of art. As a kid, when my mom used to do henna on my palms ( literally for any occasion) I was very fascinated about Henna and fell in love of this form of art. art and design